Для авторов

In the electronic research journal “Inniva” there are published the results of original investigations, scientific surveys, lectures and general-theoretical articles and also other types of scientific works (by agreement with the editorial staff).

Download Rules For Authors in .doc format (in Russian)

Main Rules

In one journal issue there may be published only one article of an author.

Presenting the text of his work for publication in the journal the author guarantees the truthfulness of all his personal information, absence of plagiarism and other forms of illegal borrowing in the work manuscript, proper appearance of all borrowings of the text, tables, schemes, and illustrations.

Authors of the published materials are responsible for selection and accuracy of the given facts, quotes, statistical data and other information.

Plagiarism is considered to be intentional appropriation of authorship of someone else’s scientific, art work or invention. Plagiarism can be violation of author legal legislation and patent legislation and thus can bring the author to legal liability.

The editorial staff is not responsible for truthfulness of the information presented by the authors. The author presenting the manuscript to the editorial staff accepts personal responsibility for originality of his investigation, allows the editorial staff to bring the work to light by its publishing.

The author guarantees execution of ethical and other norms when handling the subjects of the published investigations.

The author guarantees that he has exceptional rights to use the material he presented to the editorial staff. In case of violation of the given guarantee and submission of claims in this regard to the editorial staff the author commits himself to settle the claims independently and at his own expense. The editorial staff is not responsible in the front of the third party for violation of the guaranties given by the author. The editorial staff reserves the rights to edit articles and to send them for additional reviewing.

In this case terms of publication are extended. Additional expert examination materials are presented to the author.

Title Page

Title page should contain:

  • The name of the article in Russian and English
  • Titles in the article text are printed in a separate line in the same font with aligning in the middle and are bold-faced. Title of the article must meet the following requirements:
    • informational content ;
    • use of only generally accepted abbreviations;
    • in the translation of the articles titles to English there must not be any transliterations from Russian          except for untranslatable proper names, devices and other objects, having their own names;
    • untranslatable slang, familiar only to Russian-speaking specialists,  is not allowed as well.
  • List of full surnames, names and patronymics of authors in Russian and names of institutions in which they work. Every author’s name has a digital index corresponding to the institution from the list, in which the author works. If all the authors work in one institution digital indexes are not given.
  • The full list of authors in English and institutions in which they work. Every author’s name has a digital index corresponding to the institution from the list, in which the authors works. The name of the institution is translated (not transliterated!) to English.
  • Quantity of images and tables.